Economic Data bolds well for Gold Silver and Platinum to Shine Saturday, Jul 12 2008 

Gold, Silver and Platinum metal prices have caught fire again and are advancing to record level highs based on some poor economic data and news. This past week we have seen several major news stories from around the USA and world that have pushed metals back onto the fast track of commodities. The news starting with Iran and Israel testing missiles abroad, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac look like the “Titantic”, and IndyMac bank closing which is the largest regulated thrift to fail and the second largest financial institution to close in U.S. history.

The news we got this week was bad….but even worse is the strain being put on the “average” American family with inflation running rampant and the dollar sinking. This year already, the Dow is down -16.32%, S&P down -15.59%, U.S. Dollar Index is down -5.67% and Crude Oil is up +51%. The only bright spots are the commodities markets, but unfortunately most “average” Americans are unaware of this unique market where the “fast” money is won and lost everyday. This year Gold is up +14.63%, Silver up +26.14%, and Platinum is off the charts.

Many people are surprised to learn of the investment that they have sitting in the old jewelry box. With the current high prices of these precious metals, consumers are taking advantage of the record highs and turning “scrap” gold, silver and platinum into cash. That little pile of broken chains, kinked herringbone necklaces, and grandma’s most cherished heirloom you would never be caught wearing is now actually worth something.

J.Staples Jewelry is currently buying all types of scrap gold, silver and platinum. Please stop by our convenient location in Louisville, KY and have your old gold jewelry evaluated today. The “fast” money is here today, but could be gone tomorrow. Welcome to the commodities market, and this time instead of being the last guy on the train be the first……I’ll see you there.

Dan Staples


Consumers Taking Advantage of Record High Gold Prices Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Customers continue to cash in on the record Gold, Silver, and Platinum Scrap prices at J. Staples Jewelry. Summer begins this Saturday, June 21st, and family vacations will be in peak season. We have several customers cashing in on the record metal prices to help fund the annual summer vacations. With the soaring gasoline costs and airline surcharge fees consumers are becoming quite resourceful on ways to offset these costs. The jewelry box is the new ATM machine with broken gold chains, herringbone necklaces and the infamous “Class Ring” which you wore for all of three months, “I had to have it because everybody else was getting one” syndrome of bad money decisions. I love the look on our customers face when we give them there total amount we can pay…..shocked! Most customers follow-up with, “I am going home to get the rest of the junk”. Jewelry that has been collecting dust over the years has now become a small stockpile of cash for most customers.

The gold market continues to hold-off profit takers and short sellers with modest gains. The stock market is on a slow freefall, oil bounces up and down, and the dollar can gain no momentum. This summer expect to see more volatility in all these areas as the economy tries to weather the storm we created and not to mention we have a huge election looming this winter. The commodities market is where the fast money is now, but we all know this cannot hold-up forever, especially at the consumer side where we are the ones who are affected by the rise in prices….food, gas, metals, and the list goes on.

Please visit our newest website and learn more about turning that old pile of gold and silver into a new heirloom piece or just some good fun money for your next vacation. After all…you deserve to cash-in on something instead of being cashed out! Thanks and hope everyone has a safe and fun Summer.

Dan Staples

Gold, Silver and Platinum Metals….Rollercoaster of a ride! Wednesday, May 21 2008 

Watching the metals market move up, down and sideways is like going to the nearest amusement park and seeing all the people screaming as the ride flips, twists and turns. What is funny is that some people are screaming because they have no idea as to what hangs around the next corner and others are laughing because they have no idea of the next twist or turn but cannot wait to see what happens. The metal commodities market is not for people with weak stomachs!

The price of Platinum has really jumped in the last 3-4 days and Gold has followed to a several week high. The mysterious metal, Silver, has not performed in such a dramatic up and down fashion but is still enjoying lofty heights considering Silver was $4.00 per oz. in late November 2000.

Scrap gold continues to come through our doors in waves, nothing one day and then, like today, every other customer in the store had scrap gold and silver to sell. Most people are taking advantage of these record prices to unload some of the “junk” jewelry they have accumulated over the years….herringbone chains, rope chains, one earring, class rings, charms, and add-a-bead necklaces continue to top the list of Must Items to sell for cash.

Please stop by J.Staples Jewelry with your “junk jewelry” and see how much that little handful of gold is worth. Check out our newest website dedicated to the Modern Day Gold Rush… and for up to the minute metal quotes and other info regarding the Gold Rush! 

Dan Staples

Diamonds are a girls best friend…but watch out as Gold, Silver and Platinum are moving quickly to the top! Read On. Tuesday, May 13 2008 

My blog was created to inform and educate current and potential new customers about the small independent jewelry business we operate in Louisville, Ky. First a short history lesson. The name of our family owned business is J. Staples Jewelry which opened its doors in 1987 when my father, Jerry, sold his share in St. Charles Jewelry to his partner and opened his own store in the old Herman’s Plaza Center (Walgreens now owns that corner) at the Hurstbourne Lane and Shelbyville Rd intersection.

We have since moved from that location to 9800 Shelbyville Rd (about one block east of that major intersection). I joined our family business full-time in 1998 and since have learned what it takes to own and operate a small business in today’s marketplace. I have been fortunate to see the ups and downs of the economy starting with the boom to now..where we have seen large investment portfolios wiped out (twice), $3.85 per gallon gasoline, $4.00 gallon milk, and now RECORD METAL prices $900.00 Gold, $2,000.00 Platinum, and $21.00 Silver to name a few (not even considering copper and the other non-jewelry metals).

This is what triggered my interest in doing a blog. Customers often ask when selling scrap gold, coins, and misc. items… Why has the cost risen so much? I usually tell them it’s such a long and complicated story based on a Global Market of Economics that I have a hard time grasping the theories and Wall Street jargon. I will provide an inside look at the unique world of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals and gemstones that, from the beginning of time, have amazed and dazzled the people who have adorned, collected, traded, and Invested in them.

Our newest website will be up and running soon and loaded with information on the modern day Gold Rush and how you can take advantage of the record high prices of these metals. Our current website, is currently online and I’ll will be making some new changes on that site as well. I will continue to Blog on my thoughts about the future of our business, the metal markets, new inventory purchases, diamond deals, and anything else that I feel relevant to pass onto our current clients and any future customers we hope to serve.

I read an interesting stat in one of our trade journals, “Some industry organizations say 30 percent of Independent jewelry stores will be out of business in the next five years” OUCH!! My goal with this blog is to help our independent jewelry business make it to the next couple of generations not FIVE years!!!. I believe my current and future customer base will help me secure those goals. If you have ever done business with J.Staples Jewelry and are reading this…….THANK YOU for the many awesome years you have allowed us into your lives and by marking a special moment in time with something from our store.

Please check back often to read Danthediamondman’s random thoughts.

Dan Staples