J. Staples Jewelry has carried Nelson Jewelry for the last 10 years and without doubt has been our primary supplier of bridal jewelry. If you have in years past bought a bridal ring from us, there is a good chance that ring was manufactured by Nelson. J.Staples Jewelry has recently teamed up with Nelson’s latest collection of “Signature Bridal” style rings that already have won several awards from JCK (Jewelers Choice Awards) including 2008 Best Design.

We currently have most all the pieces in the “Bridal Magic” collection. The collection can be viewed at http://www.nsbring.com. Please stop by the store and check out some of the collection along with the hundred of other bridal rings we have in stock. If you have ever visited our store, you know how large are selection of bridal jewelry really is. Check out more at our websites http://www.jstaplesjewelry.com and http://www.louisvillebuygold.com.

This Memorial Day weekend we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and we pray for the men and women who currently stand in the gap for our protection. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

Dan Staples

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