Consumers Taking Advantage of Record High Gold Prices Friday, Jun 20 2008 

Customers continue to cash in on the record Gold, Silver, and Platinum Scrap prices at J. Staples Jewelry. Summer begins this Saturday, June 21st, and family vacations will be in peak season. We have several customers cashing in on the record metal prices to help fund the annual summer vacations. With the soaring gasoline costs and airline surcharge fees consumers are becoming quite resourceful on ways to offset these costs. The jewelry box is the new ATM machine with broken gold chains, herringbone necklaces and the infamous “Class Ring” which you wore for all of three months, “I had to have it because everybody else was getting one” syndrome of bad money decisions. I love the look on our customers face when we give them there total amount we can pay…..shocked! Most customers follow-up with, “I am going home to get the rest of the junk”. Jewelry that has been collecting dust over the years has now become a small stockpile of cash for most customers.

The gold market continues to hold-off profit takers and short sellers with modest gains. The stock market is on a slow freefall, oil bounces up and down, and the dollar can gain no momentum. This summer expect to see more volatility in all these areas as the economy tries to weather the storm we created and not to mention we have a huge election looming this winter. The commodities market is where the fast money is now, but we all know this cannot hold-up forever, especially at the consumer side where we are the ones who are affected by the rise in prices….food, gas, metals, and the list goes on.

Please visit our newest website and learn more about turning that old pile of gold and silver into a new heirloom piece or just some good fun money for your next vacation. After all…you deserve to cash-in on something instead of being cashed out! Thanks and hope everyone has a safe and fun Summer.

Dan Staples


Gold, Silver and Platinum Metals….Rollercoaster of a ride! Wednesday, May 21 2008 

Watching the metals market move up, down and sideways is like going to the nearest amusement park and seeing all the people screaming as the ride flips, twists and turns. What is funny is that some people are screaming because they have no idea as to what hangs around the next corner and others are laughing because they have no idea of the next twist or turn but cannot wait to see what happens. The metal commodities market is not for people with weak stomachs!

The price of Platinum has really jumped in the last 3-4 days and Gold has followed to a several week high. The mysterious metal, Silver, has not performed in such a dramatic up and down fashion but is still enjoying lofty heights considering Silver was $4.00 per oz. in late November 2000.

Scrap gold continues to come through our doors in waves, nothing one day and then, like today, every other customer in the store had scrap gold and silver to sell. Most people are taking advantage of these record prices to unload some of the “junk” jewelry they have accumulated over the years….herringbone chains, rope chains, one earring, class rings, charms, and add-a-bead necklaces continue to top the list of Must Items to sell for cash.

Please stop by J.Staples Jewelry with your “junk jewelry” and see how much that little handful of gold is worth. Check out our newest website dedicated to the Modern Day Gold Rush… and for up to the minute metal quotes and other info regarding the Gold Rush! 

Dan Staples