Happy belated Mother’s Day…..I hope all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts that were given out this weekend from J.Staples Jewelry went over well. We had a very good week of business leading up to the weekend of Mother’s day and had a great Saturday!

Business over the next few weeks will mostly include graduation gifts. Graduation gifts of jewelry are always very special, because it is the first nice piece of jewelry a young person typically will get. Popular ideas for the young ladies are diamond stud earrings, pearl necklaces, or diamond pendants. Young men will often receive a nice timepiece (watch) engraved to mark the special occasion or signet ring with engraved initals or even one’s family crest. Those that come in to our store often notice the ring I wear on my right hand, our family crest engraved in a gold signet ring, and comment how they like the style. It was made from my fathers signet ring he wears and one day I will make a copy for my son Seth and pass this ring down through my family.

The metals market have been crazy…..as expected with crude oil and the dollar bouncing around. We have seen some dramatic swings in the gold price starting with a rapid rise up Monday to be wiped out on Tuesday morning. Silver and Platinum have followed the yellow metal but I expect bigger numbers on all these metals in due time.

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